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The Linux Encryption-HOWTO Homepage

Hi out there!

Like the document itself, this page is still somewhat preliminary and serves only one purpose: Making available a web location to refer to when it comes to telling people where to find it.

The latest version of the HOWTO is v0.2.2 (Oct 04, 2000) and is available here as tarred HTML, DVI or SGML Source. For online readers, I put the HTML version on the web.


Release Notes for v0.2.2

Maintainance version only. Needed because of the advent of AES in kerneli-

Release Notes for v0.2.1

This version is a maintainance release only. It updates a bunch of small things, nothing big, and adds another bunch. I have tried to incorporate as many suggestions as possible without changing the document too much. In the light of the massive publicity the Encrytion HOWTO has attracted for the last two days, I wanted to update the discussion to the most recent stuff. See ChangeLog for more.

Release Notes for v0.2.0

As everyone can clearly see, this document is still in an evolutionary process of extension, and probably ever will be, keeping track of new versions and approaches to encryption for Linux.

The disk encryption section remains for the moment in its v0.1.0 state. The section on network encryption has been greatly enhanced from v0.1.0:

The discussion of CIPE is now in a publishable state and I've added a section on general VPN issues, such as routing and various examples.

Missing in the CIPE section is a "tips and tricks" section and a description on how to use CIPE with dynamic (PPP) links. I want to play with these items for myself first, before writing about it.

These additions are planned to make it into v0.2.1, which will be following v0.2.0 very shortly. Another planned thing for 0.2.1 is to put most of the FAQ stuff back into the loop device encryption section, into a subsection called "Tips and Tricks". This is done because I want to make the structuring of the Disk and the Network section similar to each other and like the CIPE section is now.

I'd really like to see this one at, but The Linux HOWTO maintainer has the last word. I am willing to make quite a few changes to the document to let it slip into the HOWTO collection.

Any feedback and contribution is hereby strongly encouraged. Finalizing this document will be much work and I am currently in the process of preparing myself for writing my diploma thesis in mathematical physics, which will take a year or so to complete, hence I cannot spare that much time. Also, I have currently no home network to play with, so testing the network encryption approaches has to be done in the university, which slows things down.

If you contact me concerning this document, please include the string "[Encryption-HOWTO]" in the subject of the message. My E-Mail address can be found at the beginning of the document.

This is Version 0.2.0 of the Linux Encryption HOWTO. It covers disk encryption approaches, relying on work done by Doobee R. Tzeck ( for mostly anything that has not to do with loop device encryption, and network encryption appraoches. Currently only CIPE is discussed in detail, but the section on genral VPN issues may be interesting for users of other VPN software, too.

Change Log

0.2.2 (Oct 04, 2000)(HTML.tgz, DVI, SGML)
0.2.1 (Sep 28, 2000)(HTML.tgz, DVI, SGML)
0.2.0 (Milestone II; Feb 24, 2000)(HTML.tgz, DVI, SGML)
0.1.1 (skipped)
0.1.0 (Milestone I; Nov 19, 1999)(HTML.tgz, DVI, SGML)
0.0.5 (Nov 10, 1999)
0.0.4 (Sep 5, 1999)
0.0.3 (Aug 26, 1999)
Very first version.

created by Marc Mutz.
Last modified: Oct 04, 2000.